About Me

Don’t take life seriously. No one gets out alive anyway.
Keep pen to paper. It takes practice. No one expects an artist to sit down and draw a beautiful landscape the first time they try. Writing is no different. It’s an art, and art takes time.
–Kim Harrison

There’s not a big difference between a stadium of cheering fans and an angry mob. They’re both just making a lot of noise. How you take it — that’s something else. Just convince yourself that they’re cheering for you, and someday, they will be.
— Sue Sylvester, Glee

Hi. I’m Yellowjay.
Here’s some random stuff about me:

My top accomplishment of 2009 was reading the entire Twilight saga in 5 days.

I love to read.

I’m one of those rare anomalies that love Harry Potter and Twilight.

I have a purple Blackberry. A Purpleberry, if you will. And I love it!

If a magical genie asked me to make 1 wish, I would ask for its incredibly well-trained cute teenage boy to be my personal assistant, who just conveniently grants my every wish successfully. If he doesn’t have one of those, I would ask him to turn himself into said incredibly well-trained, cute teenage boy, who is my personal assistant, who just conveniently grants my every wish successfully.

I’m in the process of writing three books. One is fifteen pages long, one is four pages, and one is still in DEVELOPMENT. DEVELOPMENT is the magical place that once occupied, I don’t touch for a month. Then I evict the resident onto a piece of paper. Easy-peasy.

I’ll be posting more and updating this page regularly, so check back soon!



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